Solar energy

Solar energy

To date, ISEL has built more than 7 GW of power both in industrial facilities and in large projects for leading companies in the sector.

Electrical works

  • Module interconnections
  • Communication and optical fiber, etc…
  • Laying and connection of medium and low voltage
  • Splices, Terminal Bottles, and Elbow Terminals
  • Transformation centers
  • Communication and optical fiber, etc…
  • Serial placement
  • Assembly and connections of boxes and inverters
  • Tests: line meg, polarity, ringing, continuity, earth equipotentiality, phase verification, VLF, Isc, Voc

Mechanical works

  • Land works
  • Post nailing
  • Assembly of structures
  • Placement of photovoltaic modules
  • Help and media management for trenches and excavations

Featured projects

  • Vendimia Photovoltaic Plant in Almochuel (Zaragoza)
  • Renedo Photovoltaic Plant in Renedo de Esgueva (Valladolid)
  • Santo Tomás Photovoltaic Plant in Avila (Ávila)
  • Francisco de Pizarro Photovoltaic Plant in Torrecillas de la Tiesa (Cáceres)
  • Revilla-Vallejera Photovoltaic Plant in Revilla Vallejera (Burgos)
  • Almaraz Photovoltaic Plant in Almaraz (Cáceres)
  • Pitarco Photovoltaic Plant in Muel (Zaragoza)
  • Belinchon Photovoltaic Plant in Belinchon (Cuenca)
  • Cerrillares Photovoltaic Plant in Jumilla (Murcia)
  • Villarino Photovoltaic Plant in Villarino (Salamanca)

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