Wind power

Wind Power

To date, ISEL has built more than 7 GW of power both in industrial facilities and in large projects for leading companies in the sector.

1. Installation

We have collaborated in the installation of more than 5.5 GW during our more than 18 years of experience in the field, collaborating with top-level companies and technologies.

Electrical works

It is the area where ISEL ENERGIA has had the greatest presence over the years. It could be said that the low and medium voltage electrical wiring inside the turbines is our strong point, highlighting:

  • Laying and connection
  • Medium voltage connection of cylinders and terminals
  • Assembly and connection of cells
  • Cell firing test
  • Transformer connection

Mechanical works

Another of the areas where we have more and more presence, continuously adapting to the evolution of current turbines. Among these works we highlight:

  • Assembly help
  • Bolt tightening
  • Elevator installation
  • Installation of cabinets, cells and transformers
  • Finishes and cleaning

2.Maintenance and retrofitting

We mainly carry out electrical, mechanical and hydraulic work, providing solutions to problems that appear with the wear of the turbines.

Electrical works

Mechanical works

Hydraulic works

3.Supervision and advice

We are pioneers in providing support to wind farm developers throughout all phases of project development thanks to our specialized multidisciplinary team that masters all the technical factors of each installation.


We provide the technologists with qualified personnel to supervise the construction phase of the projects, ensuring the correct execution of the work.

Technical advice

We provide technical solutions to problems that occur both in the construction phase and in maintenance.

National projects

  • Gecama Wind Farm (Cuenca)
  • El Almendro Wind Farm (Huelva)
  • El Castillo Wind Farm (Zaragoza)
  • Buseco Wind Farm (Asturias)
  • Alto da Croa I and II Wind Farm (Galicia)
  • Monte Tourado Wind Farm (Galicia)
  • Merengue Wind Farm (Plasencia)
  • Barrax-Chinchilla Wind Farm (Albacete)
  • Marquesado Wind Farm (Cadiz)
  • Neda Wind Farm in Lugo (Galicia)
  • Los Llanos Expansion Wind Farm (Burgos)
  • Primoral Wind Farm (Zaragoza)
  • El Campo and Estanca Wind Farm (Zaragoza)
  • Cavar Wind Farm (Navarra)
  • Motilla del Palancar Wind Farm (Cuenca)

International projects

  • Malaspina Wind Farm (Argentina)
  • Sun Clock Wind Farm (USA)
  • Alcamo II Wind Farm (Italy)
  • Knöstad Wind Farm (Sweden)
  • Mesa Moreno Wind Farm (Mexico)
  • Peninsula Wind Farm (Mexico)
  • Krossberge Wind Farm (Germany)
  • Mulanur Wind Farm (India)
  • Lacenay Wind Farm (France)
  • Saint Roch Wind Farm (France)
  • Kosten Wind Farm (Argentina)
  • Aurora Wind Farm (Chile)
  • San Gabriel Wind Farm (Chile)
  • Malleco Wind Farm (Chile)
  • Negrete Wind Farm (Chile)
  • Penonome Wind Farm (Panama)
  • Mezquite Wind Farm (Mexico)
  • Pampa Wind Farm (Uruguay)
  • Pastorale Wind Farm (Uruguay)
  • Rywald Wind Farm (Poland)
  • Puutikankangas Wind Farm (Finland)
  • Neuhof & Potzneusidl Wind Farm (Austria)
  • Neuenbrook & Uelvesbüll Wind Farm (Germany)
  • Drachowo Wind Farm (Poland)

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