World Energy Day

día mundial de la energía

Today, in addition to lovers, is World Energy Day. The purpose of commemorating this date is to raise awareness about the responsible and efficient use of the resources that nature offers us, as well as the importance of obtaining them mainly from clean and renewable sources. At ISEL we are aware that investing in renewable […]

ISEL, leaders in construction, maintenance and support in wind projects

Molinos Isel Energía

To this day and for more than 18 years, ISEL has built more than 7GB of power both in facilities in industry and in large projects for leading companies in the sector, collaborating with companies and technologies of the first level. We also carry out maintenance and retrofit work, mainly in electrical, mechanical and hydraulic […]

The progress of solar panels

Progreso de los paneles solares

In recent years, the efficiency of solar panels has improved considerably, reaching an average conversion of sunlight to usable energy of almost 20%. Our country has an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine per year, which explains why it has almost a hundred large photovoltaic plants distributed throughout the territory, also allowing to accelerate the […]